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Trail Magic Ale™

Every year thousands of ambitious people set out to hike the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail from end to end. For many, it's a lifelong dream, for many it's an exercise in willpower, for many it's a way to find oneself. But for all who attempt a thru hike, it's a journey filled with unexpected challenges, perils, surprises and for some...Trail Magic. Known along these trails, Trail Magic is a random act of kindness, often from a stranger, meant to encourage and relieve thru hikers during their journey.


Like the random acts of kindness along way, our Trail Magic Ale™ manifests itself in many ways. Blaze a trail to our brewery for these limited releases in March, June and October each year.

Trail Magic Ale - No. 1

March 2012


The beer that inspired the series and started the journey, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout with local Sorghum Syrup and Wild Flower Honey.


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Trail Magic Ale - No. 2

June 2012


Light, refreshing but packed full of flavor, the Lemongrass Imperial India Pale ale offers some spicy relief from the heat of summer.


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Trail Magic Ale - No. 3

October 2012


Take our Devils Courthouse age it in French oak, red wine barrels with Elderberry and you've got our third release. Rich, fruity. Add fall color and you've got a perfect paring.


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Trail Magic Ale - No. 4

March 2013


Homage to the Imperial that got us started. This version has stepped up to Maker's Mark barrels and a higher gravity, but keeps it's sorghum and wildflower honey roots.


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Trail Magic Ale - No. 5

June 2013


Nothing says summer has arrived like the sweet, floral smell of Honeysuckle... Painstakenly hand-picked, wild honeysuckle flowers and local wildflower honey infuse this Belgian Farmhouse Ale with the soul of a Smoky Mountain summer.


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Year Around Flagships

Brewed year around and distributed throughout North Carolina. These craft beers are our most popular concoctions.


→ Noon Day IPA

→ App Trail Extra Pale Ale

→ Bryson City Brown

→ Dirty Girl Blonde

→ Up River Amber

Dam Release™ Seasonals

From the Rivers End Oktoberfest to the Hellbender Hefe, our Dam Releases come and go with the seasons.


→ Little Tennessee Logger

→ 4 Foot Drop Pale Ale

→ Hellbender Hefeweizen

→ Rivers End Oktoberfest

→ Pattons Run Porter

→ Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout

→ Nantahala Pale Ale

→ Sticky Dog Stout

Big Water™ High Gravitys

As big, bold and intoxicatingly good as paddling the river (or creek) on a rainy day.


→ Devils Courthouse Belgian Golden Strong

→ 8 Foot Drop Double IPA


Barrel-aged Beers

A wide range of styles aged in a variety of oak barrels. Tapped on occasion exclusively at our tap room.


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Mad Zymology™ Pilot Brews

Small batch, experiments that are available exclusively at our tap room.


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