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Like the story behind the name, this Export Stout finds it's Smoky's origins with the English & Scots who settled here.


Burrrrrr...the thick of Winter is as deep as the snow banks along the App Trail. Time for a fire side ale to shake off the cold...and a tale to go with it...


The story goes.. The legendary Stick Dog resides deep in the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains. An ancient, wicked beast that should never be touched. Once you've made the grab, it won't let go...and the monster heads straight for his favorite watering hole where he dives deep into it's depths taking you and you're life with it.


The legend inspired us to brew a beer that might offer some protection from the Dog. No one knows for sure if the Sticky Dog Stout has the power to save you from the creatures grip, but... Rumor has it...if you sprinkle a little over your camp fire the robust, roasted aroma may ward off the creature.






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