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Looking to enjoy our brews in your neck of the woods? Great! Here's what you need to know to find our beer.


1) We sell our products exclusively in North Carolina. Why? We'll we are still a small production brewery and thanks to all the support from craft beer enthusiasts like you, we do not currently produce enough beer to distribute outside of the state.


2) We sell the majority of our beer within 50 miles of Bryson City. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are the most important. A) The majority of our distributed brews are very hop-forward and should be consumed ASAP. B) Our beer is very popular locally -- thanks to all our loyal locals and the more than 10 million visitors that come to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Nantahala River and all the National Forest land that surrounds us each year. C) Our locally owned bars, restaurants and resorts have supported us from the day we opened and we feel that it's our responsibility to support them.


3) We sell a big chuck of our total production volume at our Tap Room. Why? Well, with the huge influx of visitors throughout the year our Tap Room consumes a lot or beer. Since the success of our Tap Room allows us to grow our brewery responsibly and without outside investment, we place a great deal of focus on keeping all of our brews on tap at the Tap Room at all times.


4) During the Winter months I was able to get your beer on a regular basis at _________________ in _______________, but now I can't get it anymore. Why? During the Winter months in our neck of the woods many of our accounts slow down or close for a couple of months. During that time we ship the majority of our beer to accounts in Eastern North Carolina markets where the majority of visitors (from NC) who come to see us during the season live and work. It's our way of saying thanks for your support. However, once the season returns we slowly send less and less beer east since it's being consumed closer to home.


5) Love our Noon Day IPA but can't find it? Yes, we know. It's exciting to have a beer (one of our original flagships actually) that has been so well received and supported. It's a huge honor, but for all the reasons listed above and the simple fact that we can't make enough Noon Day to provide it to everyone who wants it -- even if it was the only beer we brewed, our IPA is the least distributed beer we produce. So, if you're in desperate need of our IPA, come see us. We keep it on tap right here at the brewery 99.99% of the time.



Note: We are in the process of putting together a list of all the local (West of Asheville) accounts that carry our beer on a regular basis. In the meantime, check out UnTappd to see where folks are enjoying our brews across the State...right now.



Year Around Flagships

Brewed year around and distributed throughout North Carolina. These craft beers are our most popular concoctions.


Noon Day IPA

App Trail Extra Pale Ale

Bryson City Brown

Dirty Girl Blonde

Up River Amber

Dam Release™ Seasonals

From the Rivers End Oktoberfest to the Hellbender Hefe, our Dam Releases come and go with the seasons.


Little Tennessee Logger

Hellbender Hefeweizen

Rivers End Oktoberfest

Pattons Run Porter

Nantahala Pale Ale

Sticky Dog Stout

Big Water™ High Gravitys

As big, bold and intoxicatingly good as paddling the river (or creek) on a rainy day.


Devils Courthouse Belgian Golden Strong

8 Foot Drop Double IPA


Trail Magic Ales™

A tribute to the epic foot trails (including the AT) and those who walk them end-to-end each year.


Trail Magic #1 - March 2012

Trail Magic #2 - June 2012

Trail Magic #3 - October 2012

Trail Magic #4 - March 2013

Trail Magic Ale No. 5 - June 2013

Barrel-aged Beers

A wide range of styles aged in a variety of oak barrels. Tapped on ocasion exclusivly at our tap room.


Learn more

Mad Zymology™ Pilot Brews

Small batch, experiments that are available exclusivly at our tap room.


→ Learn more

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May - August:

Mon - Thur: Noon - 11 pm

Friday: Noon till Midnight

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September - December:

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