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Mad Zymology™ Pilot Brews

The process of experimentation is a core value of the craft beer movement. It's at the core of what we do. It explains why we take risks to push the limits, to constantly brew something different and our willingness to share ideas with our peers.


For us at Nantahala Brewing, we credit our growing list of beers including the popular Noon Day IPA, Devil's Courthouse Belgian Golden Strong and our beloved Trail Magic Ale™ series to this core ideology.


When we gather to concoct a pilot batch you just never know what will emerge. In the end results vary, but it's the process that expands our knowledge & experience. And provides us with a creative outlet to push forward in search of something new and different. To create the next great beer for all to Love. Savor. Share.


So, don’t be shy. Next time you're at our Tap Room, get a good grip on your glass and muster up the courage to ask the bartender for something new and distinctfuly different.


Whether you love it or leave it, it might just change the way you see craft beer.



Year Around Flagships

Brewed year around and distributed throughout North Carolina. These craft beers are our most popular concoctions.


→ Noon Day IPA

→ App Trail Extra Pale Ale

→ Bryson City Brown

→ Dirty Girl Blonde

→ Up River Amber

Big Water™ High Gravitys

As big, bold and intoxicatingly good as paddling the river (or creek) on a rainy day.


→ Devils Courthouse Belgian Strong

→ 8 Foot Drop Double IPA


Barrel-aged Beers

A wide range of styles aged in a variety of oak barrels. Tapped on ocasion exclusivly at our tap room.


→ Learn more

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