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Here you'll find just about everything you'll need to know about our brewery's history, crew, tours and sustainability program. Plus, get an inside look at the where our beers are born.



Our Story

It all started with four guys from different walks of life, the outdoor adventure capital of the Smokys and brewing some damn good beer. → read more

Meet the Crew

Every great venture is a reflection of it's people. Get to know the crew behind the beer and see why their passion is the heart of our beer. → read more

Tours & Tastings

Want to see what goes on behind the scenes, learn more about the art of brewing craft beer and experience our beer in a small group lead by one of our tours guides? Then what are you waiting for? Get signed up! → read more

Explore the Brewery

The process of transforming a 68 year old building into a brewery was a might feat. See how the space progressed from dank, trash-filled warehouse to the amazing brewing and Tap Room that exists today. → read more

Why Brew in Bryson

From the quality of life to the pure, untouched water there were so many reasons that is was hard NOT to brew here. → read more


Breweries by their nature use a great deal of resources to produce beer. So, even as a small brewery we do what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. → read more

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our brewery. Everything from what hops we use to how big is our system to what's the most important ingredient in our beer. Your find the answers to those questions and many more here. → read more


Our StoryMeet the CrewTours & TastingsExplore the BreweryWhy Brew in BrysonSustainabilityFAQsExplore the Brewery
Hours and Directions


January - February:

Mon - Fri: 3 pm - 10 pm

Saturday: Noon - 11 pm

Sunday: Noon - 10 pm

March - April:

Mon - Fri: Noon - 10 pm

Saturday: Noon - 11 pm

Sunday: Noon - 10 pm

May - August:

Mon - Thur: Noon - 11 pm

Friday: Noon till Midnight

Saturday: Noon till Midnight

Sunday:Noon till 11 pm

September - December:

Mon - Thur: Noon - 10 pm

Friday: Noon till 11 pm

Saturday: Noon till 11 pm

Sunday:Noon till 10 pm


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